How to make a Shakerato Latte coffee

Shakerato Latte Coffee Ingredients

  • Chantilly cream.
  • 120 ml of milk.
  • A shaker.
  • A jiggle.
  • French press with pre-infused coffee.
  • 2 containers.
  • Ice.
  • Whisky cream.

Shakerato Latte Recipe

We take our shaker and fill it with ice, then we add our ingredients one by one, starting with the coffee. Add the milk and 2 ounces of baileys, we measure these with the jigger. Now we only have to shake and serve.

Finally we can decorate with a little bit of chantilly cream and this is how our shakerato latte would look. Now that you have seen how easy and fast it is to prepare coffee of excellent quality and flavor, go ahead and prepare it at home and surprise those you love the most.