Countries with the highest coffee consumption

In this article from La tienda del Café, we bring you, the most recent statistic related to the countries with the highest consumption of coffee. As we have mentioned before, coffee is the second most consumed beverage worldwide just behind water, even if some say number two is tea and number three coffee, either way there’s no doubt coffee is an essential drink in many countries.

And speaking of countries, according to the estimates from Statista Consumer Market Outlook’s last bulletin, it specifies the estimated average consumption per capita in 2020 (in kg.) and ranks the first 15 countries where coffee is most consumed.

As is evidenced in the graphic, The Netherlands leads the list with the biggest consumption of coffee with 8.3 kilos per person each year.

Followed by two northern countries, Sweden and Norway. While in Sweden the coffee consumed yearly is around the 7.6 kilos, in Norway it is exactly one kilo less at 6.6 per person per year.

In fourth place is Canada, with 5.5 kilos every year. Followed closely by Lebanon where the average of yearly consumption is of 5.3 kilograms per person whereas Germany’s is of 5.2.

On the other hand, Brazil being the main coffee producer in the world, they fall in seventh place in the ranking with an average consumption of 5.1 kg of this beverage every year.

In the eighth place we see Italy, the country of espressos with an average of 4.7 kilograms that every Italian drinks every year. Followed by Estonia with 4.3 kilograms and the Portugal with 4 kilograms.

Unsurprisingly, The USA, being one of the biggest importers of coffee worldwide, is in the eleventh place in the ranking, where every resident drinks 3.5 kilos of coffee per year.

France is the last country that surpasses the 3 kilos on average every year per capita with 3.4 exactly.

In 13th place we have Spain, where the 3 kilos are not passed, with an average in coffee consumption of each resident of 2.8 kilos.

Almost at the end is Japan another big coffee importer, with 2 kilos every year and closing the ranking is the UK, with 1.3 kilograms consumed on average by British citizens every year.

Coffee production

The International Coffee Organization, show as the countries that produce and export the most coffee to the rest of the world, are:

  • Brazil
  • Vietnam
  • Colombia
  • Indonesia
  • Honduras
  • Ethiopia
  • India Uganda
  • Mexico
  • Peru

As you may have noticed, oddly, in the list of the 10 countries with the biggest production of this bean, there are many that are not in the ranking of the biggest consumers of coffee in the world.

To sum up the biggest producers are not the biggest consumers of this precious fruit, as the biggest importers are necessarily the countries where coffee is most consumed.

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